The Inspires Project is a sponsorship program that was created in memory of Sheldon Mathew Spires to carry forward the expression of love, compassion, and creativity of such a talented and loving young man. His artistic brilliance in dance, music, and poetry was unheard of for someone his age. Yet, it was his simple actions as a human being that touched the lives of thousands across the nation. His legacy of compassion, perseverance, understanding, and love is forever written on their hearts. On several occasions Sheldon was known to give back a monetary award asking for it to be given to someone he knew had a greater need simply because he wanted them to be able to live their dreams too.

It is that same sentiment that led one of those lives he touched to create The Inspires Project for his family as a philanthropic tribute to his life. The mission is to award a gift of monetary support in the form of sponsorship to individuals between the ages of 5 and 18. The sponsorship will be known as the Sheldon Mathew Spires KIP* Award. More details about how it works are available on the sponsorship page. The Inspires Project is a non-profit organization and depends heavily on the kindness of others. Please consider donating to The Inspires Project, it will directly affect the lives of a lot of very talented kids that need help pursuing their dreams. Just like Sheldon did, The Inspires Project will help as many of them as possible.


*KIP = Kindness Inspired Purposefully




  1. Wonderful, creative, wacky sense of humor, incredibly talented, but most of all, a lover of God Almighty, Jehovah. That was , is, & will be again very soon …Sheldon Spires. This is a very nice thing to be part of.

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